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Fashion has always been focused on what’s youthful and new—but age has nothing to do with style.

At Retail Therapy, we’re inspired by women of every age. As we get older, it can be easy to start second guessing ourselves in the changing room. However, despite the rules that you may have seen, there are no items that are “off limits” past a certain age. The truth is, whether you’re 35 or 65, the key to style—at any age—is confidence.

One of our favorite lines that we carry in-store and online is Magnolia Pearl. Magnolia Pearl can be intimidating at first, especially if you are used to a more tailored look, but we love the vintage-inspired custom made fabrics that can be mixed and matched. Read on for Celeste’s tips for dressing confidently and finding your own style. 


When it comes to fashion, the biggest confidence killer is not being comfortable in what you’re wearing. We love Magnolia Pearl’s one-size tees, tops, pants, jeans and dresses that are designed using washed and softened vintage inspired lace, linen, cotton and crocheted trims . 


Magnolia Pearl’s entire line is an eclectic collection of various textures that are made to exude a time worn appearance. The brand embodies and recreates a modern take on Victorian, Boho, Goth, and Prairie looks with its use of vintage inspired and custom made fabrics.  From luxurious wool jackets and velvet coats to distressed t-shirt dresses, button-down shirts, smocks, shifts, harem pants and dusters, Magnolia Pearl’s unique garments have been purposely distressed and patched to mimic a time gone by, and yet when worn appear quite modern and fresh. 


Life is too short to not wear what you love. Don’t get hung up on what you think you should be wearing. Ditch the crazy notions of wearing “age appropriate” clothing and let go of worrying about what others may think. We say wear the eye-catching and quirky pieces, from distressed band tees to velvet dusters, because by dressing for yourself, you’ll end up happier with the result and that happiness will translate into confidence. 

Are you ready to try Magnolia Pearl? Our latest shipment is in and we have tons of fabulous pieces that are ready to wear.