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Our entire lives, and subsequently, our wardrobes, changed abruptly in March when quarantine started. While COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, you don’t have to submit to a life of pajamas and monotonous loungewear. We’re here to help you choose comfortable (yet chic!) clothing 


We know that putting on “real” clothes can feel unnecessary when you don’t leave the house. Despite the fact that most of us are staying at home nearly around the clock, getting up and getting dressed and ready in the morning can help set the tone for your day—and having a routine has been shown to help combat COVID-related anxiety. Bottom line: whether you spend the day on Zoom calls, helping your kid(s) with virtual learning or doing something else, throwing on something chic (yet comfortable!) can help you boost your mood and feel better about yourself. We chose four WFH outfits that are just as practical as they are stylish.

LOOK No. 1

If your days are filled with video chats and conference calls, you want something professional yet comfortable. We love these pieces from Two Danes for looking polished without feeling restricted.

LOOK No. 2

Fall is all about layering—and being stuck at home doesn't change that. 

This cozy combo is one of our favorites. We paired a cropped sweater with a ruched tank and added a faux leather legging for a fun mix of textures and tones. This outfit is the perfect balance of comfortable and chic and works well no matter what your day has in store.

Look No. 3

Nothing says comfort quite like Magnolia Pearl. We paired a Magnolia Pearl tunic with Magnolia Pearl denim for an incredibly versatile outfit that can be dressed up or down, depending on the day. Since we’re in this for the long-haul (we are already six months in, after all) it’s important to invest in pieces that you can re-wear and style different ways. There is no shame in our outfit repeating game (in fact, we encourage it for many reasons)!

Look No. 4

Camo is back for fall—and more versatile than ever. If you're intimidated by the print, don't be. It's easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than you might think because it pairs well with whites, blacks and greys. We paired with the same faux leather leggings and grey ruched tank from look no. 2 for an easy, trendy outfit that you can dress up or down. 

Interested in any of these pieces? You can shop online at any time or call (517) 574-4427 to set up an appointment to shop in-store.