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Chic & Comfortable Quarantine Style Inspiration

Our entire lives, and subsequently, our wardrobes, changed abruptly in March when quarantine started. While COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, you don’t have to submit to a life of pajamas and monotonous loungewear. We’re here to help you choose comfortable (yet chic!) clothing  THE CASE FOR GETTING DRESSED & READY We know that putting on “real” clothes can feel unnecessary when you don’t leave the house. Despite the fact that most of us are staying at home nearly around the clock, getting up and getting dressed and ready in the morning can help set the tone for your day—and having a routine has been shown to help combat COVID-related anxiety. Bottom line: whether you spend the...
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why buying second-hand is good for the planet + your wallet

Thrifting and secondhand shopping are having a moment. Years ago, rummaging through the disorganized secondhand clothing racks found in church charity stores or bargain basements wasn’t trendy or cool. In fact, there was a stigma attached to it.  In recent years, thrifting, consigning and second-hand shopping have gained an immense amount of popularity. Apps like Poshmark, Depop, thredUP and the RealReal have made buying used pieces easy and appealing. From affordable basics to high-end luxury items, you can find almost anything you’re looking for on the resale market. There are a number of reasons why reusing, recycling and reselling clothing has become so popular. Let’s discuss 1. It’s sustainable  Our planet is hurtling toward disaster and concerns about the impact...
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Magnolia Pearl at any age!

Fashion has always been focused on what’s youthful and new—but age has nothing to do with style.
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Removing Stains From White Clothing

 During the summer this is what I hear quite often from my customers, “I can’t wear white, I’ll ruin it”. Okay ladies, it’s time to get over that fear and start to wear white. White, cream, or neutral shades always look fresh, cool (from hot temperatures), and sophisticated. White linen, white cotton, white silk, so many choices all intended to give off the feeling that you are as cool as a cucumber and the envy of all your friends. Behind your back they will whisper, “ Why does she always look so fresh?” The answer, my friends, is crisp or flowing white clothing. I, personally, rarely wear white, except in the summer. It wasn’t always like that though. I wore...
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Celeste Saltzman on Slow Fashion

I opened my boutique, Retail Therapy, 11 years ago. When we first opened, my mission was to give women beautiful, comfortable and sustainable clothing that would be a timeless addition to their wardrobes.
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How to create ethical wardrobe

Curating an ethical wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. If you already own it, you aren’t doing the planet—or the people or animals who went ...
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